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We are BEX

 We are BEX, a freight transportation company driven by the fact that each shipment reaches its destination quickly and efficiently.


Every day, our more than 200 drivers carry in their hands the mission of offering you a personalized, close and safe service; this ensures that your cargo arrives just in time.


More than 20 years of work have specialized us in shipping materials for the main market industries such as automotive, technology, textile and consumer goods. Throughout these years, we have established relationships with outstanding companies in the logistics market, with whom we have grown together.


A committed, trained, and qualified team, personalized service, structured processes, state-of-the-art technology, road safety and vehicles in excellent condition, are our way of ensuring the safety of your cargo and delivering it to its destination on time.

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State of the art


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Processes, technology and safety on the road

Our firm desire to move your load quickly and efficiently has led us to build well-established processes that ensure the delivery of your cargo in all aspects.


We believe in state-of-the-art technology to guarantee transparency, reliability, efficiency and uninterrupted communication for each of your shipments.


Our satellite tracking system and internal communication system will allow you to track your load in real time. The established alarms for speeding, prohibited stops, route deviations and entrances and exits in the designed geo-fences, will guarantee the safety of your cargo.


We comply with the necessary national and international certifications and have a canine inspection service that secures international crossings from contamination.

Processes, technology and road safety

Trained and qualified drivers

Trained and qualified drivers

Growth is a word that has distinguished us from day one. We constantly train our more than 200 drivers to keep up with the market and invest a large part of our efforts and benefits in improving our customer service. Each load is driven by our team and their commitment to serve you responsibly. Each vehicle is driven by our constant pursuit of excellence.

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National and international certifications:

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